Natural Supplements for Pneumonia - Respiratory Inflammation Package

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The supplement package for Pneumonia below, consists of 100% organic products. All products are safe for use and are very potent in helping people with Pneumonia. This package is intended only for people having Pneumonia.

This package is safe for use therefore does not have side effects to it. Many scientific studies have proven the medicinal properties and the efficiency of these herbs in helping with Pneumonia naturally without causing any side effects.

Method of Use

Doses should be taken according to the detailed table below, three times a day (morning, noon and evening). All capsules should be taken together, before, with or after meals. You will feel gradual improvement during the initial period.

The package for Pneumonia is suitable for both males and females.

Products Included in the Supplement Package for Pneumonia

The package consists of 6 different medicinal herbs and natural substances: Ech.R (Echinacea root)AK (Propolis )Ulmus (Ulmus Rubra)FF1 (Feverfew)Roz (Rosemary) in addition to DGL (Extract of Liquorice).

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